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Conversion Focused Web Design, SEO, & PPC

Website design services provided by 79 Design

  • Affordable Prices.
  • Scale your reach online.
  • Convert traffic into sales.

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Red Deer Web Design And Web Services

79 Design is a local Red Deer web design and web services marketing agency that designs conversion focused web development, SEO, & PPC. 

What Makes 79 Design Different?

79 Design offers conversion focused web design development with search optimization and pay per click advertising so you can grow and expand your Sylvan Lake business. 

  • Conversion focused web design development that represents your brand but still turns traffic into relationships with your customers. 
  • Search engine optimization and conversion rate optimization services that help increase your rankings in all the major search engines. Better rankings more traffic! 
  • Google paid advertising & Google maps. Increase your visibility online through paid advertising, google my business listings, and directory services! 

Web Design Services in Red Deer Area

Websites work. They can be an asset that has an ROI.

Your local Red Deer business can reach the world through an online store. Today, in 2020, your customers expect your business to be online. More and more people are searching for your products and services from all over the place ... not just locally around Red Deer and the Red Deer County area. 

Web design is more than a captivating website, brilliant picture, and brand awareness. A professional web design and offering web services builds trust in your community.

Not only should your Red Deer business website describe and promote your products and service but it also gives your customers assurance that a product or service is valuable, reliable, will meet their needs, and that you are not a fly by night company.  

Your Red Deer business website needs to capture what you do, capture your customers attention, establish trust, draw them inside your store, and establish a lifelong relationship with your brand. 

But your website is more than curb appeal or online brand awareness. Your website and web services should be an asset that converts traffic into long term relationships. 

Brand Awareness & Target A Wide Audience | Red Deer Web Design & Web Services

In 2020 four billion people are using the internet. Did you know that 75% of shoppers judge your trust and credibility by your website? 50% of users will leave your website if its not immediately clear what you do and how you can solve their problem.

Ask yourself if your website user friendly? Is is hard to navigate and buy anything on your site? People will bounce off your website if its hard to navigate. Who are you? What are you offering? How do I contact you?

Rank Higher & Grow | 

Red Deer Web Design & Web Services

Your digital storefront is open 24/7 year around without days off or coffee breaks. Businesses that have a digital storefront, even if they don't have a checkout & just display their products, have twice as much sales as businesses that are not online. The average customer makes 12 online searches before buying. Even for large industrial and manufacturing industries. 70% of purchases are influenced by a companies website.

Long term relationships | Red Deer Web Design & Web Services

Reach more people and grow your business. Articles, blogs, testimonials, and reviews engage your customers maintaining a long term relationship. Don't be afraid to educate your customers through videos, tutorials, and surveys! A single bad experience or a hard to navigate website makes users 88% less likely to visit your website again. First impressions matter!

Understand Your Customers | Red Deer Web Design & Web Services

Tools like Google Analytics, Google Console, and other metrics can highlight areas of your business that work well and areas of your business that can improve. Do you know how google's metrics can add more value to your customers?

Secure Your Business | Red Deer Web Design & Web Services

If your business is only on Facebook, Amazon, etc. you are not in control of your income. These platforms have deleted accounts in the past. Did COVID19 reduce sales? Would ranking your website higher have helped?

Discover the “Minimalist Method” to Triple Your Traffic

  • What is Search Engine Optimization and Conversion Rate Optimization?
  • Why flashy websites have poor sales. 
  • Three things your website needs to rank higher in google search.